Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When Hill's rewinds an electric motor does the motor's efficiency change?
A. Hill's utilizes modern temperature controlled ovens for both burn off and baking of electric motors. In addition, we utilize "core loss" testing to further confirm that a rewound motor will meet factory specifications after a repair is completed. Reporting is available as needed.

Q. Does Hill's test run repaired motors?
A. Yes, we test run every repaired motor, check "no load" amps and lubricate as needed. If your motor operates on a VFD, let us know and we will also run the motor on one of our VFD test sets to insure trouble free operation when your motor returns from a completed quality repair.


Q. Does Hill's Industrial stock parts for Murzan pumps?
A. Hill's has the largest inventory or Murzan parts in the Mid-Atlantic region. We ship anywhere. Feel free to contact is for a quote.

Q. Does Hill's pressure test repaired pumps for leaks in gaskets and seals?
A. Yes, Hill's pressure tests every pump (when mechanically possible) to make sure the fits are correct and to insure the seals and gaskets don't leak.


Q. Does Hill's Industrial install VFD's, soft starters, and other controls?
A. Hill's Industrial offers complete installation, programming, and start-up for all of the motor controls, PLC's, and other related equipment we sell. Call for your custom quote today!

Q. I have a VFD at my facility that was sold/installed by another service provider. Will Hill's troubleshoot equipment they did not originally sell?
A. Our controls technicians are trained to troubleshoot many brands of equipment. We are not limited to just the brands we sell. Contact us with a description of your equipment and problems. We will be glad to try and help.

Power Transmission

Q. I need a gear reducer and motor but don't know how to pick them out. Can Hill's help with that process?
A. Hill's has (2) power transmission specialists on staff to handle application reviews and help make proper selections.

Q. Does Hill's have experience with selecting power transmission equipment for food processing applications?
A. Our power transmission team has serviced and specified equipment for poultry and other types of food processors for over 50 years. Our staff is especially knowledgeable when it comes to stainless steel gear reducers, electric motors, and bearings.



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